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Canister Filters vs HOB vs Internal Filters

Many beginning aquarists choose economical, easy-to-use power filters for their first aquarium. However, as they advance, many hobbyists find it necessary to upgrade to a more versatile filtration system. A canister filter may be the right choice if you need a powerful filtration device that allows custom filtration with exceptionally large media capacity.

What is a canister filter?

A canister filter is essentially a sealed container filled with various filter media. Aquarium water is drawn into the canister and forced through the media and then introduced back into the aquarium. Unlike power filters, most canister filters sit inconspicuously under your aquarium - only the intake hose and return line are visible within the aquarium. This space-saving design has the added benefit of reducing visual clutter that can detract from the beauty of your aquarium.

Expandable custom filtration
Canister filters can be used alone or in conjunction with a variety of aquarium equipment for
advanced filtration. Any in-line device such as BIO-Wheels, UV sterilizers, or even water chillers can be plumbed to a canister filter for a comprehensive system. You can even create a custom water flow system simply by attaching a spray bar, water return installation kit, or Switching Current Water Director to the return line. Your options are only limited by the flow rate of your canister filter and your imagination.

Large media capacity
The principle advantage of canister filters over power filters is their roomy media baskets. The number of baskets and the total media volume will vary from model to model, but all canister filters are made to filter large amounts of water. Use any desired combination of mechanical, chemical, or biological media for superior filtration of larger or more heavily stocked aquariums. For example, the
Eheim Classic 2262 has a total media capacity of 3.6 gallons and is designed for aquariums up to 320 gallons.

Whether you're setting up a larger aquarium or simply wanting to upgrade your existing filter, the versatile and reliable nature of a canister filter makes it a great choice. Canister filters are made for enhanced performance and convenience.

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