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There are many commercial aquarium filter brands offering a wide variety of quality specialized products for fishkeepers also known as "aquarists", competition has made the prices drop to very attractive levels. However, one of the consequences is that it's easy to become overwhelmed by so many options with only subtle differences between them. Add to that the fact that online shopping is becoming ever more popular, with the drawback that you can't actually hold the real product in your hands before buying, and there lies the motive for our filter reviews. New products and categories will be added here as time permits.

Canisters are my choice for tanks forty gallons or larger, especially for show tanks, as they can be completely concealed and not detract from the appearance of the aquarium. Because canister filters force the water through the filter media, they are particularly good at removing particulate matter. Canister filters are adaptable to a variety of conditions.

By changing the type and volume of various media, it is possible to create a custom filtration system for the needs of your aquarium. Water can be polished using diatomic sleeves, extra rings or sponges can be added to encourage bacterial colonization for increased biological filtration, or additional mechanical media can be used for aquariums that have a lot of particulate waste. Chemical filtration can be modified by using special resins to remove dangerous toxins.

Eheim Classic Filters

aquarium filter reviewsBy choosing a classic you won’t go wrong. Because you have chosen a reliable, millionfold tried and tested piece of equipment. All models perform to the highest quality standards. First class components and carefully matched features ensure perfect pump and filter performance. Additionally, you have the proverbial EHEIM quiet running, robust durability and low  energy consumption. You will be very satisfied. 

Boasting a high throughput rate and durability, the Eheim is the quietest canister on the market. I like the compact design and easy to handle latches. The Eheim classic series has been on the market for years and has performed reliably. Replacement parts are easy to find, which is a big plus. My only complaint with this series is the lack of self-priming. However, they do provide tips on how to prime the filter, and it isn't too difficult. Although somewhat pricier than other brands, I've found that over time Eheim out performs others. It's definitely a solid product. 

 The Eheim Classic series are guaranteed for 2 years. Models include:
 Model Capacity Output Volume Circulation  Rating
 Eheim 2213  66 G  116 G  3/4 G  102 G  eheim 2213
 Eheim 2215  93 G  163 G  1 G  134 G  eheim 2215
 Eheim 2217  159 G  263 G  1.5 G  208 G  eheim 2217
 Eheim 2260  396 G  502 G  4.8 G  445 G  eheim 2260
 Eheim 2262  500 G  900 G  6.6 G  725 G  eheim 2262

Fluval 06 Series Filters

fluval 06 series filtersImproved performance, quiet operation and easier start up help make aquarium-keeping worry free. The Fluval 06 is the next generation model from a trusted line of multi-stage canister filters. Most notable is the advanced motor technology that boosts filter performance. Increased hydraulic performance delivers the power to maintain strong flow rates through customized stages of mechanical, chemical, biological AND fine mechanical filtration. The new 06 Series Filters boast additional user-friendly features for extra convenience that makes aquarium fish keeping more enjoyable.

 Each filter comes complete with media pre-packed into the baskets including the foam blocks for mechanical/biological filtration, Bio-max pre-filter media for mechanical filtration, and carbon for chemical filtration. You can customize your filtration by adding a variety of media in combination with the Fluval Media Module partitions included with the filter. Additional features consist of the unitized hose assembly, recessed seal ring, ceramic impeller shaft, aqua-stop hose shut-offs, adjustable outlet adapter and twin foam filter screens. Includes Fluval Carbon, Fluval Bio-Max Ceramic Rings and Fluval Foam.

 The Fluval 06 Series are all guaranteed for 3 years. Models include:
 Model  Capacity Output Volume Circulation  Rating
 Fluval 106  25 G  145 G  3.36  95 G  fluval 106
 Fluval 206  40 G  206 G  4.84  101 G  fluval 206
 Fluval 306  70 G  306 G  6.94  203 G  fluval 306
 Fluval 406  100 G  385 G  8.94  245 G  fluval 406
 Fluval FX5  400 G  900 G  14.85  715 G  fluval fx5

Rena Filstar XP Series

Rena Filstar XP SeriesIt’s no wonder the Rena Filstar xP canister filters received an industry recognition award for the best aquarium filter! Easy-to-use and extremely powerful with multi-stage filtration and bypass-free circulation, the Rena Filstar continues to raise the bar for the best possible aquarium filtration.

The Rena FilStar Canister Filter is technology for the millennia. These easy start self-priming filters provide efficient stage filtration. Patented anti-airlock system ensures continuous flow while the self-locking water shutoff system prevents any accidental water loss. Multi-stage bypass-free circulation ensures complete water flow through filter media. Multi-use filtration baskets with handles allow for easy maintenance. The longlife ceramic shaft will not degrade even in saltwater. Extremely quiet operation.

All filter models, including the Rena FilStar Xp3, come complete with filter foam, Microfiltration Pad and Bio-Chem Zorb Pouch. Customizable outlet system with spray bar, venturi, flow adjustment and outlet nozzle. 160 degree rotation of inlet/outlet nozzles. Barbed nozzles and safety clips assure a watertight connection. 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

 The Rena Filstar series are guaranteed for 2 years. Models include:
 Model  Capacity Output Volume  Circulation Rating
 Rena XP 2  75 G  300 G  1.6 G  215 G  Rena Filstar XP 3
 Rena XP 3  175 G  350 G  2.4 G  265 G  Rena Filstar XP 3
 Rena XP 4  265 G  450 G  3 G  365 G  Rena Filstar XP 4

You really can't go wrong with any of these filters, it all depends on your budget.
One thing i must add is that it's best to overshoot when it comes to recommended tank capacity. To much flow can affect your fish but there is no such thing as to much filtration.

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